Wet Hamburger

The indispensable wet hamburger of Istanbul's street food and its creator, Kızılkayalar...

The wet hamburger, which was brought to life by our innovative approach in the fast-food industry, is a beloved flavor especially among our young guests and was introduced to the street food culture of Istanbul by our family. Practical and quite filling, the wet hamburger has reached its current form after a long period of trial and error. The special patty of the wet hamburger is prepared with various spices and stands out from other street flavors with its special hamburger sauce. The compatibility of the taste of the wet hamburger with the Turkish palate has been ensured by customer feedback while maintaining the standards of taste, quality, and customer satisfaction. The wet hamburger, which is loved by the people of Istanbul, has become an essential product and the signature flavor of Kızılkayalar Hamburger in the street food culture of the city.

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