Since 1978

Although many things have changed over 50 years, the only thing that hasn't changed is the unique flavors and quality of Kızılkayalar.

The foundation of Kızılkayalar Hamburger was laid in 1972 in Taksim Square. At that time, the name of the buffet, which was operated by a different operator, was changed to Kızılkayalar Buffet after being taken over by the Kızılkayalar family and operated for 6 years. Kızılkayalar Buffet, which learned every detail of the buffet business and followed every development, has the distinction of being the first buffet in Taksim to offer meat döner kebab to its customers. Our innovative family started an alternative search instead of the products that became widespread in businesses serving in the buffet industry and thus, the “wet hamburger” recipe belonging to the Kızılkayalar family started to be offered to our customers. The wet hamburger, whose every stage from its special sauce to its patty has been carefully thought out and has reached its current form after months of experimentation, has been so embraced by our customers that the name of our buffet has been positioned as Kızılkayalar Hamburger. Over the past 51 years in the buffet industry, and 45 years under the name of Kızılkayalar, our family has gained many experiences in the sector and has always prioritized its sensitivity to street food culture.

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