Where to Eat in Istanbul?

Where to Eat in Istanbul?

Where to Eat in Istanbul? What are the Best Examples of Street Food? 

Undoubtedly, the best activity that can be done in Istanbul is to explore the city to the fullest. If you want to taste the flavors unique to the city during this discovery, you can visit the Kızılkayalar Hamburger branches spread around the attractions of Istanbul. 


Taksim, which is one of the most popular tourist spots in Istanbul, is still one of the important centers of Istanbul with its evolving and changing environment. Taksim is the common meeting point of those who want to take a tour of the Istiklal Street by nostalgic tram, those who want to take a walk by looking at the windows towards Galata and want to explore the historical inns. Since there are so many places to visit in Taksim, it is quite possible to get hungry during the tour. And why not eat a meal while in Taksim. Kızılkayalar Hamburger, which is the first business where meat kebab is served on the menu of a snack bar, in Taksim, has been serving in the same place since 1972. Do not complete your Taksim tour without stopping at Kızılkayalar, which is a classic for Taksim and Istanbul with its hamburger, toast and variations, squeezed fruit juices, homemade special ayran and lemonade. Also, if you want to try juicy food and pita types, Kızılkayalar Pide is at your service in Taksim. 


Beşiktaş has been one of the most visited points of Istanbul for years. Beşiktaş, which is a frequent destination for those who want to walk and fish with a long coastline, also stands out with many other social centers. For those who want to spend their day in Beşiktaş and its surroundings, along with the coastline from Ortaköy to Kabataş, many museums, culture and entertainment centers, especially the Maritime Museum, are different alternatives. 

Abbasağa, Maçka and Yıldız parks are ideal for those who want to get away from the crowd of the city. After a day in Beşiktaş, Kızılkayalar is the right address to relieve the tiredness of the day. Kızılkayalar Hamburger serves in Beşiktaş Köyiçi across the fish market with its rich menu and fast service. You can crown your day with the flavor identified with Kızılkayalar, the steamed burgers, alongside doner and toast varieties, freshly squeezed juices, handmade special ayran and lemonade. 


The pearl of the Anatolian side, Kadıköy, is one of the places frequented by Istanbul residents for years. Kadıköy has become the address of those who want to spend a peaceful day with its bazaar, long coastline and decent air, whose texture has never deteriorated from the past to the present. You can go for a walk on the beach, shop, and spend time in entertainment centers in Kadıköy, which offers different sightseeing routes that will appeal to all segments of the society. In the streets where time flows like water, if you are hungry, the right address will be Kızılkayalar. Kızılkayalar Hamburger, which has two different branches in Kadıköy, serves in Kadıköy Bazaar and Bağdat Street. Besides the famous steamed burger, you can try doner and toast varieties, freshly squeezed fruit juices, handmade special ayran and lemonade in the menu of both branches, while you can also try the pitas produced in the stone oven at the branch in Kadıköy Bazaar. While there is a package service at Bağdat Caddesi branch, you can also take your meal and enjoy the sunset on the beach.