The Steamed Burger In Street Food Culture

The Steamed Burger In Street Food Culture

What Is The Place Of The Steamed Burger In Street Food Culture? How Has The Steamed Burger Become So Popular? What Is The Secret Of The Steamed Burger’s Recipe? 


The steamed burger is one of the street delicacies, especially in Istanbul.The steamed burger that entices you with its smell no matter how full you are, has become a classic in Istanbul. But how did the steamed burger become an irreplaceable street food? How has it become a popular flavor? What is the secret flavor behind this popularity? Here's the journey of the steamed burger’s flavor in the streets of Istanbul. 


The Place of Steamed burger in the Istanbul Street Flavors Culture  

The Steamed burger is a flavor that Kızılkayalar Hamburger introduced to the Istanbul street food culture. The innovative stance of Kızılkayalar Hamburger in the snack bar sector is the most important factor in the emergence of steamed burger. Kızılkayalar, the first business in Taksim to offer meat doner on a snack bar menu to the people of Istanbul, has continued its activities without breaking its innovative line in the snack bar sector. As a result of this innovative stance, the flavor of steamed burger, which is the most suitable flavor for the Turkish palate, was served for the first time in the Kızılkayalar Büfe under its former name. Monthly development activities were carried out before serving, and the current steamed burger form was created with sauce, meatballs and bread, taking into account customer feedback at every stage. The steamed burger was so loved by Istanbulites that the inventor Kızılkayalar family decided to change the name of Kızılkayalar Büfe to Kızılkayalar Hamburger and registered this flavor on behalf of Kızılkayalar. 


How Did The Steamed Burger Be So Popular? 

The steamed burger gets its popularity from its suitability for the Turkish palate and its unique taste. Undoubtedly, the most important ingredient that makes the steamed burger special is our secret sauce. During the months of development before the final recipe of this sauce came out, the feedbacks of the customers were carefully evaluated and this flavor, which Istanbul residents cannot give up, has emerged. In addition to the sauce of the steamed burger, the burger meatball in its content was flavored with different spices during this development phase and finally took its current form. During every stage of the production, the steamed burger, which is prepared by prioritizing the taste, the quality and the customer satisfaction, has been so liked by the people of Istanbul that it has become a flavor that created its own subculture instead of being an ordinary street food. 


What's the Secret of The Steamed burger Recipe? 

There was only one question on everyone's mind when the steamed burger became an irreplaceable street flavor and its reputation began to exceed Istanbul and even the borders of Turkey. What is the secret of this recipe? The most important components that distinguish steamed burgers from other street flavors are their special sauce and meatballs. The special sauce, with its recipe meticulously worked on according to customer suggestions every year before being added to the Kızılkayalar menu, is the secret of the steamed burgers. The spice mixture obtained by mixing many different spices in certain proportions gives the special sauce its inimitable flavor. Just like the preparation of the special sauce, the preparation of the meatballs was made possible by a process that required great patience. The recipe has been changed many times over the months in order to obtain the most suitable flavor for the Turkish palate, and in the end, this addictive taste has emerged. To taste the special burger sauce and meatballs, the recipe of which is only in Kızılkayalar Hamburger; You can visit the Kızılkayalar Hamburger branches in Taksim, Beşiktaş, Kadıköy and Bağdat Caddesi.